Search Engine Optimization and Reporting Agreement

This agreement _ hereby entered into between YOUR COMPANY (hereinafter referred _ as “Company” _ _____________________ (hereinafter referred _ as “Client”) _ the ___ day of _______, 200___.

1.”Company” agrees _ provide Client with Search Engine Optimization _ Reporting Services (hereinafter referred _ as “SEO”) as described in this agreement. “Company” _ authorized _ use _ specific keywords and/or phases set forth below for development, improving _ ranking of, and/or positioning _ contents of _ Client’s URL(s), in _ search engines and/or directories that are most frequently used by _ general public which are defined below.

2.Client agrees _ pay “Company” a fee as stated in “Proposal.” Fee must be received prior _ the start of any services provided. SEO Services are intended _ provide _ client with preferential positioning in selected search engines _ report results _ an ongoing _ timely basis. SEO Services include:

• Research keywords _ phrases _ select appropriate, relevant search terms. Number of keywords _ listed in _ Proposal. Additional keyword purchases will require Addendum _ separate contract.

• Edit various html tags _ page text as necessary prior _ submission _ selected search engines _ directories.

• Create as required, additional web pages for _ purpose of “catching” keyword/phrase searches.

• Hand-submit your pages _ the engines _ directories stated in this agreement.

• Create positioning reports for main site _ any associated pages showing rankings in _ major search engines _ under which keywords.

4. For _ purposes of providing these services, client agrees _ provide:

• Give “Company” FTP access _ the main site for uploading new pages, _ making changes for _ purpose of optimization _ approval _ go through 3rd Party.

• Client authorizes “Company” use of all client logos, trademarks, Web site images, etc., for use in creating informational pages _ any other uses as deemed necessary by “Company” for search engine positioning _ optimization.

• If Client’s site _ light in textual content, client will provide additional relevant text content in electronic format for _ purpose of creating additional web pages. Client agrees _ provide content, for example 200 _ 500-word “articles” about each of their keyword phrases.

5. Selected search engines* include:


• Alta Vista

• About

• Google

• All _ Web

• Excite

• Hot Bot

• Looksmart


• Lycos

• Yahoo [web pages only]

• Netscape

* Top Major SE _ SE names may change without notice

6. Client acknowledges _ following with respect _ services:

• “Company” has no control over _ policies of search engines with respect _ the type of sites and/or content that they accept now _ in _ future. Client site may be excluded from any directory at any time at _ sole discretion of _ search engine _ directory. “Company” will resubmit those pages that have been dropped from _ index.)

• Due _ the competitiveness of some keywords/phrases, ongoing changes in search engine ranking algorithms _ other competitive factors, “Company” does not guarantee #1 positions _ consistent top 10 positions for any particular keyword, phrase _ search term. However, if “Company” fails _ achieve 3 top 30 positions in _ major search engines, “Company” will start over “SEO” services with no cost _ Client.

• Some search engines _ directories may take as long as 2 _ 4 months, _ in some cases longer, after submission _ list your site.

• Occasionally, search engines will stop accepting submissions for an indefinite period of time.

• Occasionally, search engines will drop listings for no apparent _ predictable reason. Often listing will “reappear” without any additional submissions. Should _ listing not reappear, “Company” will re-submit _ site based _ the current policies of _ search engine in question.

• Some search directories offer expedited listing services for a fee. “Company” encourages clients _ take advantage of these expedited services. Client _ responsible for expedited service fees, example Yahoo, unless otherwise noted in _ package Client purchases.

7. _ “Company” _ not responsible for changes made _ the Web site by other parties that adversely affect _ search engine rankings of _ Client’s Web site.

8. Additional Services not listed herein _ in Proposal will be provided for $40 per hour. For example, purchasing keywords beyond _ scope provided in _ SEO proposal, _ creating more doorway pages than provided in original Proposal.

9. Client guarantees any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, _ other artwork provided _ “Company” for inclusion _ the website above are owned by Client, _ that Client has received permission from _ rightful owner(s) _ use each of _ elements, _ will hold harmless, protect, _ defend “Company” _ its subcontractors from any liability _ suit arising from _ use of such elements.

10. “Company” _ not responsible for Client’s overwriting SEO work _ Client’s site. IE / Client webmaster making changes _ uploading over work already provided. Client will be charged an additional fee for re-constructing Metas, etc based _ the hourly rate of $55/hour.


Client Signatory, _______________________________________ Date _________________


NAME, COMPANY Date: __________


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