Requirements for real estate agents in Germany according to § 34c GewO

Those who wish to take up the business of an estate agent should consider the following:


No high school diploma is required. In addition, no certificate of competence is needed. Only an official permit must be applied for at the local responsible office or the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). Every adult of full age (min. 18 years) can obtain a permit as real estate agent.

The permit requires a proof ofpersonal reliability in the form of

  • Police clearance certificate
  • extract from the central business register

as well as the proof of the financial capability by a

  • Certificate of no objection from the regional tax office
  • If necessary, excerpts from the debtors' register or the insolvency register


The cost of the permit is between €300 - €500.

Those who wish to become self-employed should also register themselves for tax purposes.


Obligation for further education

After receiving the permit, within three calendar years, a further education in the amount of 20 hours must take place. Recognized forms are e.g. presence seminars, online seminars or an accompanied self-study with verifiable learning success control. Proof of further education must be kept for five calendar years. On average, continuing education costs 1,000-5,000 €.


Occupation - what am I allowed to do

The official permission, also called real estate agent license, entitles to:

- The brokerage of a contract in relation to land, rights similar to land (e.g. heritable building rights), residential premises and commercial premises.

- providing evidence of the opportunity to conclude a contract in relation to real property, rights similar to real property (e.g. heritable building rights), residential premises and commercial premises.


Employed or self-employed

1. permanent employment




  • More secure fixed wages
  • More secure client situation
  • Less own costs for work material
  • Less bureaucracy
  • Lower commissions
  • Frequently capped advancement and earning opportunites


As an employed real estate broker, real estate agencies, savings banks or banks are usually the most attractive employers.


2. Self-employment




  • Higher profit margin
  • Higher expenses
  • Much more bureaucracy


As a self-employed real estate agent, although the salary level is open upwards, you bear all the risks alone. In addition, the broker has to deduct more applicable taxes from his sales.


Salary - opportunities 

Depending on your success, the potential salary is hardly limited upwards. Important are the differences in earnings depending on the federal state. The range of earnings can be set at 30,000-75,000 € (net) per year.

In self-employment, the chances of advancement depend on one's own success. These can be increased by various further training or a study.

As an employed real estate agent, however, the chances of advancement are very limited.


The German Real Estate Agent and Property Developer Ordinance (MaBV) imposes obligations such as the duty to proper accountings, to render accounts or to provide information.