Our lawyer fees

Even lawyers have to live. Therefore, our services must be appropriately remunerated. But you need not be afraid of unexpected and excessive costs because our fees are generally based on hourly rates. Before we start to work we conclude a fee agreement.

Our hourly rates range between EUR 280 (senior lawyers) to EUR 350 (Partner) per hour plus disbursements and any applicable sales tax.

Before starting our activities we provide you with a quote and and estimate of our fees so that you have a reliable basis for your cost calculation.

In any case, we conclude in writing prior to the commencement of our activities or an oniine form. This includes a description of the scope of our advisory services and the agreed fees and on the other hand our general mandate conditions.

We are also open to talk to you about flat-rate allowances and long-term consulting contracts.

Many services are also offered at flat fees, for example for trademark related services or company formations. For details please check out this webpage Eshop.

Please feel free to contact us any time to request a special quote.

Ask us, we will be pleased to help you.

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