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Our fees

Transparent. Fair. Guaranteed.

Our fee structure is committed to transparency and fairness.

As specialist lawyers, we recognize that our expertise warrants fair compensation, but we are committed to ensuring that you have complete clarity about the fees involved - without fear of unexpected or excessive costs.

Our primary practice is counseling, and we charge on a time and materials basis. Hourly rates for our experienced attorneys start at €280 per hour, while those for our partners start at €350 per hour, plus incidental expenses and VAT.

In order to provide you with the greatest possible security, we are happy to provide you with a binding cost estimate before we begin working together. This will give you a detailed overview of the expected costs. Please note that, depending on the case, additional notary fees or tax consultancy costs may be incurred.

A trustful cooperation is important to us. Therefore, a written or digital mandate agreement will be drawn up prior to the start of our work, outlining the scope of our services, the agreed fees and our general terms and conditions.

We are open to discussing lump-sum fees and the possibility of long-term consulting contracts, providing you with planning security and transparency.

We offer fixed fees for many of our services. On our website you can find detailed information about the respective service packages and their costs, and if you are interested, you can order them directly.