Consistent collection of receivables = more liquidity

Your customers do not pay or only pay slowly? Then let us take over the collection free of charge. A very high percentage of debtors pay already after an out-of-court request by us. Most other amounts can be recovered by means of the dunning procedure.

For many years we have been working successfully for small and large shop operators on the Internet. Often there are a large number of small amounts, which you as a service provider or dealer have earned but not received from the customer. This can quickly lead to considerable liquidity problems.

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For this purpose we offer you our debt collection services.

How does the collection process work?

You hand over all open invoices to us. This can also be done in electronic form via an interface provided by us (via XML, XLS or CSV). That is all you have to do.

We will first send your debtors a reminder in the form of an out-of-court lawyer's letter. In most cases, this alone leads to success. Mail from a lawyer usually helps quickly.

Should the debtor still not have paid, we will automatically apply for a dunning notice. Since we do this electronically, the order for payment is issued more quickly.

We then initiate enforcement measures: until your debtor pays.

All incoming payments are constantly monitored by us and credit is paid out to you immediately.

By the way: You cannot enforce the costs of a debt collection agency against a debtor in court! However, since we are a law firm, the debtor must bear all default costs.

Your advantages at a glance

  • fast and professional debt collection by a law firm with special experience in mass debt collection for shops on the Internet
  • free of charge in the case of complete debt collection,
  • no work with the monitoring of claims
  • immediate disbursement of recovered funds