Industrial Designs

Let us protect the design of your product design in Germany, as a Community design or internationally.

The design of a product is one of the important factors for its success in the market. It is therefore an important asset of your company.

The appropriate legal protection for your product design is essential. A registered design protects the color and shape of a product - from cars to lemon squeezer. The design protects the design of three-dimensional objects - such as furniture, cars or toys. Even for two-dimensional patterns - such as fabrics, wallpaper, logos, graphics or icons. You can apply for design registration.

Online order forms for design protection

Design Registration

Here you can register your design in every country.

Design Renewal

Here you can renew your design for a new period of protection.

Design Monitoring

Monitor your design for similar applications from your competitors.


What is a registered design?

A registered design gives you the exclusive right to use the design. In addition, you can disallow anybody else to use the design without your consent. This includes all kinds of actions are included that relate to your design - for example, offering products for which your design is used, the manufacturing, sale or import and export.

Design protection is established with the registration of the design in the Designs Register. It can be maintained for up to 25 years after the filing date (speaking for Germany and EU, other countries vary).

You can instruct us with the design application. Our experienced IP lawyers can file design registrations in almost every jurisdiction. <link eshop/design-registration.html>Design registrations can be ordered online here.</link>