Banking and capital investment law for investors

As a law firm with offices in the financial metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, we advise investors and private investors in banking and capital investment law in the Rhine-Main region and beyond, nationwide and internationally.


In banking and capital investment law, our specialist lawyers represent investors and private investors on all legal issues relating to capital investment, investment fraud, credit agreements, accounts and stock exchange transactions.


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One of the main focuses of our daily work is representing damaged investors and borrowers. Damage can occur here in the context of capital investment fraud, prospectus liability or consulting negligence. We represent bank clients in the area of lending and granting of loans by credit institutions on loan agreements, early repayment penalties, processing fees and many other topics.


Particularly in the confusing area of capital investment law, there is an almost unmanageable variety of individual decisions by courts of appeal and judgments of the Federal Supreme Court. The exact knowledge and application of the judgments is essential in an emergency for the individual case and a promising representation of interests.


Together with our specialists in corporate law, we are well placed to represent investors' interests in complex fund holdings. Investment models, such as closed-end funds, often contain unpleasant surprises for the less experienced investor due to possible personal liability. Not only the choice of the fund's corporate form is decisive in the economic dilemma when it comes to the existence-threatening claims of creditors.


We examine your claims against the persons responsible for all investment models and enforce existing claims out of court or in court against the parties involved. Our focus is always on the later enforcement and enforceability of your claims.


You have suffered economic losses due to inadequate risk information? Were there not sufficient risk warnings or were there no permits? Then the money invested can be reclaimed. We examine the prospects of success.


Are you liable for a loan as guarantor or have you signed a credit agreement? We check when you come out of liability. We check whether a prepayment penalty is payable to the bank, whether your right of revocation has been notified in a legally valid manner and whether the remaining provisions have also been complied with when granting a consumer credit or mortgage loan.


Were you provided with highly speculative financial instruments and have you lost money? Here we examine whether claims for damages against banks or other intermediaries of capital investments can be asserted successfully. If your financial situation does not allow you to repay a loan taken out to finance an investment or other purpose, the bank is often prepared to partially waive the loan amount.

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