Terms and conditions: Development and Checkup

We are your experienced and competent partner for designing and checking of terms and conditions. Due to our further focus on intellectual property (competition law, trademark law, etc.) we are able to advise you comprehensively in the field of ​​online commerce including prevent warnings.

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Your contact person for preparation and review of terms and conditions is  attorney Marco Roessel (his phone number is 0049 (069) 71 67 2 67 0).

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Terms and conditions - Why are they important?

As the name says, terms and conditions are the contractual basis for all your business affairs. Therefore terms and conditions should be carefully prepared. An infringement of the law on terms and conditions may have substantial legal consequences for users of it (e.g. warning letters, debts, demand for damages). That is why we basically advise against creating terms and conditions on your own or even use other people's terms and conditions unchecked. The permissible wording for terms and conditions may be different on different industries. The clauses shall be properly formulated for every company for his particular case. If you would use an undue clause probably the legal regulation would apply. But legal regulations are usually less favorable than the clause which is valid on the law of terms and conditions.

Only a specialized lawyer is able to understand the jurisdiction of terms and conditions. This jurisdiction is unclear but nevertheless it has to be followed. We therefore strongly recommend you to hire a lawyer for designing terms and conditions.

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We have developed several models for terms and conditions which will help you in simple cases:
pattern - Terms and Conditions 

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