Terms for online shops and auctions

Let us create secure terms and conditions for your online shop and/or eBay auctions.

Terms and conditions for online shops and ebay auctions should regulate the following points in an understandable way and in accordance with the legal requirements: 

  • The information on the provider identification,
  • The essential information about the execution of the contract and the contract components,
  • The instruction on the right of withdrawal or return and the consequences of exercising it.
  • The terms of payment, such as which default interest is charged after the due date and what shipping costs are incurred and who bears the return costs.

Furthermore, questions of delivery and transfer of risk can be regulated, such as within which period of time the delivery takes place and that the shipment is made at the buyer's risk. In doing so, a seller should also reserve the ownership of the delivered item until the goods have been paid for in full. It is also advisable to exclude offsetting by the buyer.

Issues of warranty and liability should be clarified to the benefit of the seller, insofar as the legal requirements permit. 

In the event of disputes, a jurisdiction agreement should be made within the limits of what is legally permissible.

We can do all this for you! Marco Rössel (+49 69/71672670) is your contact person for the preparation and review of GTC.

Competent and usually also at short notice, we will create the appropriate terms and conditions for you at a fixed price. For a small surcharge, we check the shop or auction for compliance with the most important information and reference requirements in online trading.

Here you will find information on our low-cost package deals and the placing of orders for the creation of general terms and conditions.