Litigation regarding trademark infringements


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We fight for your (trademark) rights.

The value of brand needs to be increased not only by high quality goods and services. It must also be secured by litigation against trademark infringements. This is the only way to protect themselves against the dilution of brand value.


We search for actively for trademark infringements, especially in the Internet and submit detailed search results. You can choose to take action against.


In the case of trademark infringements, we usually send cease and desist letters which enable a violator to refrain from using the trademark and avoid legal action by signing an cease and desist declaration with a penalty clause. The lawyer costs are borne by the infringer and will be claimed as well.


If an amicable solution can not be successfully achieved, we can apply for an preliminarily injunction. Such a court decision will be made at very short notice, within max. a few days without hearing the other party. Court fees have not to be paid in advance. The costs are borne by the infringer.


Furthermore we are able and have broad experience with common litigation regarding trademark infringements, e.g. to refrain other to use the trademarks, request information about the usage and claim compensation for damages.

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