Opposition proceedings

Oppositions against any trademark application or trademark registration may be filed within a specified period of time to prevent that the opposed trademark will be registered permanently. The opposition can be filed by any person who is the proprietor of a prior right for an identical or similar sign, such as a prior registered trademark, a prior used brand or a prior company name. If the prior sign is registered for identical or similar goods or services an opposition will have good chances to successfully prevent the permanent registration of the opposed mark.

We have many years of experience with trademark opposition proceedings in particular before the DPMA and the OHIM. The practice in the decisions of both offices is well known to us. Our experience is based on many procedures we have undertaken. Thus, in this context, we can advise you at an early stage regarding the prospects of success of an opposition proceeding.

Furthermore, we represent both sides in opposition proceedings, opponents and of course the trade mark applicant and owner. In relevant cases we try to find amicable solutions with a co-existence agreement to settle the dispute in an early stage with low costs. 

Cost: we bill per time on an agreed hourly rate