Disputes between parties Entrepreneur and sales representative

We support you even if the relationship between sales representatives and entrepreneurs is disturbed or has already escalated. We always keep in mind that you as an entrepreneur are interested in economically viable solutions.

The basis for this is always a careful and competent examination of the facts. Based on this, we try to find an appropriate solution for you without legal proceedings. If litigation is unavoidable or already under way, we represent your rights before all district courts, regional courts and higher regional courts of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Disputes may arise, for example, on the following points:


Section 87a of the German Commercial Code (HGB) regulates the due date of commission and advance payment, at the latest upon execution of the transaction by the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur must pay at least a reasonable advance payment, which is due on the last day of the following month at the latest.


Section 87c of the German Commercial Code (HGB) regulates the right of the representative to request an excerpt from a book and, if necessary, even to inspect the books of the supplier for whom he works. In addition, he has a comprehensive right of access to information on the circumstances that affect his settlement. It is also regulated here that the commission settlement has to be carried out immediately, at the latest by the end of the next month.


Section 89b of the German Commercial Code (HGB) regulates the compensation claim of the commercial agent. If the commercial agent is regularly dismissed by the supplier, he is entitled to compensation if the supplier benefits considerably from his previous activity.