Legal services for EU and DE Online Shops

In addition to the technical hurdles, a number of legal aspects must also be considered. We advise you and help to make your online shop legally compliant, especially for the EU and Germany.

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Design and / or examination of general terms and conditions, imprint, data privacy

The legal framework to make an online shop compliant with German and EU law is highly complex even for lawyers. Hence it requires a long experience. We have this due to our more than 15 years experience in this with advisory services for online businesses. We offer favorable flat rates for the creation of term and conditions and to make shops compliant.

Examination of advertising announcements for their legal admissibility

Advertising statements may be misleading or otherwise violate competition law. This can lead to expensive warnings. We will check the admissibility of such information in advance.


Creation of contracts for affiliate programs

Partner programs can be critical to business development. It is important to regulate mutual rights and obligations. We help you avoid mistakes from the beginning.


Testing and drafting contracts with software developers to design and maintain the online shop

The professional design of an online shop is usually a considerable investment. Initially estimated costs or time frames are often exceeded because complications have occured in the meantime. It is also necessary to avoid the fact that the involved developers do not use the knowledge gained for the competition. Therefore, contracting is important to developers. Care is also required in maintenance contracts. Only a working shop brings sales.


Consulting and representation in conflicts with customers

Legal problems with customers will never be completely ruled out. We help you to enforce your rights and at the same time remember that this solution is also a form of communication.


Counseling and representation in conflicts with competitors or rightholders, for example because of competition, trademark infringement, copyright disputes

Growing success also increases your attention to your offer. You may be subject to competition-related complaints about advertising or you may be affected by competitors. The names of your products and the company should be protected by trademark registration in order to prohibit third parties from using them. Conversely, you may be infringing trademark rights of third parties. The same applies to copyrighted works like pictures. We help you in the area of ​​law enforcement , copyright and competition law .