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25.04.2016 11:59

China: Trademark office is short of paper

Issuing of trademark registration certificates through the Chinese Trademark Office is delayed due to lack of paper.

By: Normen Lang

In order to enforce trademark rights before a Chinese Court, the submission of a registration certificate is required. Often Chinese authorities and distribution partners requires the submission of a trademark registration certificate as well.

Usually the Chinese Trademark Office issues the original Trademark registration certificate within 1 to 2 months after the trademark registration. Currently the issuance of the certificates is by about 6 months delayed. The reason for this is that the Chinese Trademark Office has replaced the supplier for the special paper on which the certificates are printed.

Delays in judicial and administrative procedures can be avoided by submitting a certified copy of the trademark registration certificate. This certified copy will be issued on special request. The request can be done even though the original certificate has not been issued yet. The certified copy will be issued within approximately 1 to 2 months. There are no delay currently because the copies are printed on less fancy paper.

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