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27.01.2016 07:26

Kuwait: Increase of official trademark office fees

The Kuwaiti Trademark Office decided vide circular 13/2015 dated 27.12.2015, the implementation of new official fees for all Trademark procedures.

The new fees come in line with the decision of the Supreme GCC Council during its 33rd Summit back in December 2012 to adopt a unified GCC Trademark Law.  It is imperative to emphasize that the GCC Trademark Law is not a unitary law entitling to a community registration rather it only unifies the procedures across the GCC States.

The new decree was published in the Official Gazette on 27 December 2015 and is applicable for all trademark procedures filed on this date including pending applications as it is retroactive.  Below is a glance of the major changes reflected in the Decree.

Trademark Filing in One Class USD 148.00
Publication in the official Bulletin for a Trademark in ONE classUSD 82.00
Registration and issuance of certificate for a Trademark in One ClassUSD 792.00
Renewal of a Trademark In one Class during last year of validity USD 874.00
Renewal of a Trademark In one Class during last six month validity periodUSD 1023.00
Renewal Publication of a Trademark in One ClassUSD 148.00
Filing opposition against a TrademarkUSD 314.00

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