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05.06.2014 07:36

China: New Practice and Requirements of the Chinese Trademark Office

Due to the adoption of the New Trademark Law on 1 May 2014, there has now been an announcement of a change of the detailed practices for trademark filings in China.

The China Trademark Office (CTMO) now requests the following original documents for filing new applications:            

I.         Original Application Form executed by the applicant.

II.        Original Power of Attorney executed by the applicant.  No notarization or legalization is required. 

III.     Photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation, with the applicant’s original signature on the bottom of the first page.  

Please note that the same requirements also apply to the name/address change applications, renewal applications, etc. The above documents are needed at the point of submission of the new applications, otherwise the applications will not be accepted. 


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