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04.03.2014 07:31

Syria - changes concerning official approval of POA

The Syrian Patent and Trademark Office has changed the requirements regarding the official approval of powers of attorney.

By: Jens Liesegang

According to recent government instructions, official approval of new powers of attorney is now taking a lengthy period of time. Prior to these instructions, the process of sworn translation, official approval and final legalization used to take 1 to 1.5 months. Now the doc has also to be approved by State Security (another 10 – 15 days) before final legalization by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and retention by Notary Public. Therefore, powers of attorney have to be ready at time of receipt of instructions or within a reasonable time.  

Time allowed for filing a certified copy of the-would-be-held power of attorney by Notary Public   (subject to a monthly penalty for late filing) is:  

  • 3 months for patents and opposition to provisional refusals of IRs.
  • 6 months from filing date for new and renewal applications of trademarks or designs.

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