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02.11.2011 08:00

Iraqi Trademark Office Announces the Third Group of the Missing Trademark Files Damaged in the War

We would like to draw to your attention that the Iraqi Trademark Office has published on 11 October 2011 a declaration in connection with the missing trademark files which were damaged in the war.

By: RA Jens Liesegang

The declaration included a schedule of the third group of the missing trademarks files, namely the files of the trademarks Nos. 23000 - 34999.

The declaration was published in the official website of the Iraqi Trademark Office:


By virtue of the said declaration, owners of the mentioned trademarks should provide the Trademark Office through their trademark agents and legal attorneys with documents which prove that they are the legitimate owners of the same in order to preserve the legal protection of the said trademarks in Iraq.

The mentioned declaration also stated that the requested documents should be submitted with the Trademark Office within six months from the date of the publication of the same, otherwise, the registration of the said trademarks shall be considered cancelled.

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