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23.05.2011 21:07

Trademark application in Cape Verde

We now offer trademark registrations in Cape Verde.

By: Jens Liesegang

For nearly thirty years after Cape Verde's independence from Portugal in 1975 there was no effective Industrial Property legislation and an informal practice evolved of publishing Cautionary Notices in local newspapers. More recently, a Portuguese Code of 1940 was revived and an IP Office established, which enabled applications to be filed in preparation for the implementation of a new law. Then new legislation came into effect in August 2007.  It recognizes applications filed and registrations secured under the 1940 Code.

The current law provides, not only for trade marks but also:  Patents; Utility models;  Trade and service marks including collective marks;  Designs/models;  Topographies of integrated circuits;  Commercial names/insignia;  and Appellations of origin - geographical indications.

The International trade mark classification system is followed and multi-class applications are possible. 

The country is not officially a member of the Paris Convention but the 2007 Code, like that of 1940, provides for priority to be claimed and such claims are recognised in practice.

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