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08.09.2009 16:07

Indonesia: Official Fees for Trademark Registrations revised

The new regulation includes several major changes to the official charges for trademark prosecutions.

The official charge for filing a trademark application is no longer calculated on a lump sum basis. Filing new trademark application (for up to 3 items in the specification of goods/services) was raised from IDR 450,000 to IDR 600,000 (about EUR 42.00). An additional fee for each item exceeding the 3rd of IDR 50,000 (approx. EUR 3.50) has been introduced.

Further, a fee of IDR 100,000 (approx. EUR 7.00) for issuance of registration certificate is imposed. This new charge will apply only to Certificates of Registration issued from June 3, 2009, onward; for those issued before that date, there will be no official charge.

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