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Trademark Monitoring

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Watch the market for similar trademark registrations! We can help you.

Trademark offices regularly do not check (including Germany, the EU, etc.), for identical or similar older trademark registrations. So it can happen that are registered trademarks that are identical to earlier marks but the registrations will be granted. As a brand owner, you will not notice this. For this you need a trademark monitoring.

Order online

Our brand monitoring can easily be ordered online. The forms are self explanatory.

Cancel at any time

The Brand monitoring has no minimum contract period and may be terminated at any time. This gives you maximum flexibility.

Only relevant results are reported

We will only send a message if we believe that you need to do something.

Review by lawyers and reporting with individual instructions

All trademarks found by the automated monitoring process will be reviewed by a trademark lawyer. He rates the similarity of the marks and the goods and services. Based on this, you will receive a personalized cover letter with comments on the similarity of the marks and goods / services and a concrete assessment of whether opposition should be filed. We review the publications of the trademark offices in a timely manner. Releases are only mailed to you when we recommend an opposition.