Termination of employment contracts

Sometimes it is better to terminate an employment contract prematurely. This may be done by mutual agreement by means of a winding-up or revocation agreement or unilaterally by way of termination, which must often be enforced in court. We advise you on the prerequisites and the employment and tax consequences of the termination of a contract of employment and termination contracts.


If the employer and the employee have agreed on an amicable termination of the employment contract, we shall prepare a termination agreement on the basis of the conditions communicated to us, or - if a termination has already occurred - a settlement agreement.


If no agreement is possible, we support you as an employer in the formulation and enforcement of a termination. Depending on the size of the company and the duration of the employment, the reason for termination and the notice period, as well as the requirements for the former, must be examined and observed.


If the dismissal is attacked by the employer with a protection clause, we represent your interests legally and competently before the competent labor courts.


We also support you in the formulation of proper working documents. On the basis of your particulars, we prepare a certificate and explain to you the individual regulations as well as the particular meaning of certain formulations in certificates.