Preparation of employment contracts

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We support you in the preparation of any type of employment contract, whether it is employment contracts for your employees, contracts with freelancers or individual employment contracts for managers, management board members or executives. (See also our services for payroll)

Employment contracts

In "normal" employment contracts, there are different variants that can be considered for your company. The contracts may be temporary or indefinite. It may also be a part-time job, for example. Or it is a minor activity, which is preferred for tax purposes and social insurance. For all variants, the employment contract contains the relevant provisions and helps you as an employer to fulfill your obligations under the Proof of Evidence.

The employment relationship established by the employment contract is characterized by the worker's personal dependency on the employer. The employee is integrated into the work organization of the employer and is typically subject to the employer's instructions on the content, implementation, time, duration and place of work.


A "freelancer" is not subject to the instructions of an employer, but he performs his services independently on the basis of a contract or service contract. From the agreed remuneration, he must bear all his own costs (insurance, incidental costs) himself. We support you in the formulation and implementation of contracts with freelancers and advise you on how you can prevent your self-employment.

Frequent employees are often used in areas where, depending on the respective orders, staff bottlenecks quickly occur, but permanent employees would not be profitable because of the high fixed costs. Freelancers can be used flexibly. They do not have notice periods as they are usually only contractually bound for a specific order or project. The disadvantage is that freelancers are not always available.

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