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Amendments to the employment contracts - Disciplinary Measures - Certificates


Like all other contracts, work contracts must be revised, adjusted and amended from time to time. We advise and assist you with the legally effective amendment of contracts and, if desired, examine the tax and social insurance effects.


The changes in employment contracts can be varied. They may concern the hierarchical position, the area of ​​responsibility, the place of work, the remuneration or the duration of the employment relationship.Particularly when extending fixed-term employment contracts, care must be taken to ensure that due to incorrect formulations or unimportant additional regulations from a temporary employment relationship, an untimed one becomes unintentionally.


Notices required? If you do not know exactly whether a warning is justified or how it can best be formulated, we are happy to help you.



We also support you in the formulation of proper working documents. On the basis of your particulars, we prepare a certificate and explain to you the individual regulations as well as the particular meaning of certain formulations in certificates.