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Laufende Betreuung von Gesellschaften

in allen rechtlichen Belangen

Daily business support of companies

Reporting and reporting obligations - General Meetings of Shareholders - Amendments to Articles of Association - Tax consultancy

Even after the formation of a company, there are various legal regulations that must be observed. We advise you - whether you are a shareholder, managing director or board member of a company - on the regulations that apply to you and support you in their implementation. In the case of public limited companies, in particular those listed on a stock exchange, there are also extensive information obligations (e. g."ad-hoc notifications").

We advise you on the preparation and execution of any type of shareholders' meeting. Particularly at general meetings, which have to take place at least once a year in the case of public limited companies, thorough preparation is very important. Even a small error in the deadlines and forms of convening a shareholders' meeting may result in individual or even all resolutions of the shareholders' meeting being null and void and the shareholders' meeting having to be repeated.

As with all other contractual relationships, it may be necessary to change a company agreement. We advise you on the legal and tax requirements and consequences and implement the desired changes quickly and competently. Ask us if you need assistance with the following changes, for example:

  • change of the company's name or registered office,
  • Change of corporate purpose,
  • capital increases or decreases,
  • Change in the powers of representation of managing directors, authorised signatories or shareholders.

We also support you in ongoing tax matters such as financial accounting, payroll accounting, preparation of financial statements and tax returns.