Requirements for company name

Basically you can almost freely choose the legal name for your company. However you have to be aware of the following requirements:

1. First of all the name has to be kind of unique on reasons to obviously warrant the discriminability the name from others. That particularly means as far as there is already a company with the same or almost the same name within the district of your companies address you have to look for another name (or even address). You can personalize your company’s name if you choose a name referring to a particular person (yourself or another shareholder), item or place or you choose any kind of fantasy name.

2. Furthermore the name is not allowed to obviously mislead others regarding its shareholders or business purpose. So for example you could not choose the name: X-Trading GmbH - if the company solely offers consulting services but no trading at all.

3. Eventually the company always has to carry its official abbreviation of its legal form. With this abbreviation others could recognize the conditions on the kind of the liability of the company.

4. Besides you also should consider that your chosen name does not collide with any trademarks. We therefor recommend to check if there are any colliding trademarks, firms or Domains.