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VAT Registration Germany

VAT Registration Germany

VAT Registration Germany

With this form you can order a VAT registration in Germany, which is required if your foreign company offers goods or services in Germany. We help you to compile the necessary documents and request an official tax and VAT registration number.
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Details VAT Registration Germany

Does your company based abroad carry out sales in Germany but has not yet been registered for VAT purposes? We will support you.

Foreign companies that provide goods or services in Germany are generally obliged to register and pay VAT in Germany. This requires registration with the tax office responsible for them. We support you in all phases of the registration process, starting with the identification of the tax office, through the compilation of the documents to be submitted to the tax office, to answering queries from the tax office. This makes the registration process quick and easy for you.

Our service includes:

  1. Determination of the responsible tax office
  2. Compilation of the necessary information and documents
  3. Support in answering official queries
  4. Applying for a tax number and a value added tax identification number

What is VAT?

VAT (value added tax) is a tax that, among other things, is incurred when goods are sold. VAT is part of the sales price and is paid by the purchaser. However, the vendor must remit the tax to the tax office. The legal basis for this is laid down in Germany’s VAT Act (Umsatzsteuergesetz)

How much VAT is charged?

The VAT rate in Germany is generally 19%.

Example: A trader sells a portable music player in Germany for €40. This price includes VAT in the amount of €6.38 (that is, 19% of €33.62: €33.62 + €6.38 = €40).

What types of sales are subject to German VAT?

The following business transactions in particular are subject to German VAT:

1. Sales of goods from a warehouse in Germany to a purchaser/customer in Germany

2. Sales of goods from a warehouse in another EU member state to a purchaser/customer in Germany (in cases where the distance-selling threshold is exceeded, section 3c of the VAT Act)

3. Sales of goods from a non-EU country to a purchaser/customer in Germany, if the vendor or his/her agent submits the import clearance declaration

Vendors who are not established in the European Union and who make sales that are subject to German VAT must register for tax purposes in Germany