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Utility Patent Application

 Utility Patent Application

Utility Patent Application

Here you can mandate us to prepare a utility patent application and file it before the patent office in different countries. The flat fee includes all costs from drafting the application up to the certificate including normal correspondence with the patent office.
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legal advice by phone or email Yes
Process Duration (est. in months) 6
Protection Period (years) 10
Maintenance Feess No

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Details Utility Patent Application

A utility model is an exclusive right granted for an invention, which allows the right holder to prevent others from commercially using the protected invention, without his authorization, for a limited period of time. In its basic definition, which may vary from one country (where such protection is available) to another, a utility model is similar to a patent. In fact, utility models are sometimes referred to as "petty patents" or "innovation patents."

The conditions for the registration of utility models are usually less stringent (since no inventive step or only a less significant inventive step is required), the procedure for registration is faster (since novelty and inventive step are usually not examined prior to registration) and acquisition and maintenance fees are generally lower than those applicable to patents.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Elaboration of a technical description of small scope and difficulty levels; drawings, requirements
  • Preparation of the registration
  • Filing of the application
  • Payment of fees
  • Verification and forwarding of the acknowledgement of receipt
  • Maintaining standard correspondence with the patent office
  • Monitoring of deadlines
  • Examination and forwarding of the document