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Trademark Monitoring Trinidad and Tobago

 Trademark Monitoring Trinidad and Tobago

Trademark Monitoring Trinidad and Tobago

Order form for trademark monitoring of identical or similar trademarks. With each found trademark you will receive a short analysis by a trademark lawyer with a recommendation of how to proceed.
EUR 190.00  price is per year
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Price for additional class EUR 90.00

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EUR 190.00  price is per year
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Details Trademark Monitoring Trinidad and Tobago

Our brand monitoring is a proven way to detect collision risks for word and figurative trademarks with identical or similar entries in good time before the expiry of the objection period.

We provide not just an automated message that you must ultimately evaluate yourself. With us you get a lawyer analysis. A lawyer specializing in trademark checks discovered trademarks and evaluates the risk of collision.

You will receive an individual letter which informs you about the similarity of the trademarks and goods/services and gives you an detailed advice of how to react. We monitor the relevant registers of trademarks for identical or similar applications or registrations, which may conflict with your search term. Monitoring includes words and / or figurative signs. If we recommend an opposition you will receive an individual monitoring alert via email, fax or letter. This includes the full record of the found trademark.

Monitoring can be canceled anytime by end of the month.