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Title Protection Research in Germany

 Title Protection Research in Germany
You may engage us with a work title research in Germany.

The price includes research fees and attorney’s fees for a the research report.
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Details Title Protection Research in Germany

Legal Background

Based on § 5 German trademark titles of works shall enjoy protection as commercial designations. Titles of works are the names or special designations of printed publications, cinematic works, music works, stage works or other comparable works. It is therefore reasonable to review if a third party has commercial designations rights before strating to sell and reproduce your work. We offer a research in which the published titels of works and registered trademarks are reviewed. The Database in which we will do the reserach has more than 6 million names, titel of works form newspapers, journals, books, software, music etc..Nevertheless you have to notice that we do not offer a research which will contain all rights of title of works. The database we work with will research only data including published title of works and/or registered trademarks. Therefore we suggest for your own safty that you provide an internet research to make yourself sure that your titel of work does not exist there. We also ask you to consider a company name research.