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Company incorporation of a Sàrl in France

 Company incorporation of a Sàrl in France
Competently and quickly to your company with limited liability! Together with established partners we advise and provide you with all required steps and documents - from drafting the articles of association to registration in the trade register including - if necessary - the representation during the notary's appointment as well as opening of a business account.
The incorporation of just one shareholder is possible.
EUR 2,900.00
Company type corporation
Limited liability yes
Minimum share capital 0
Registration yes
Executive bodies Managing Director, shareholders' meeting
Costs of notarization and registration not included (approx. 650 EUR)

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EUR 2,900.00
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Details Company incorporation of a Sàrl in France

The french "Sàrl" or “SARL” ("Société à responsabilité limitée“) is very common in France. The company combines a limited liability with assessable administrative costs.

There is no fix amount for the share capital. The shareholders are free to decide for a certain amount. But a condition is that at least 20% of the share capital are paid in in at the incorporation. The payments can be made cash or as an investment in kind. The remainder has to paid in within 5 years after the incorporation. If the value of the investments of kinds are bigger than 50% of the share capital or amount to a value more than 7,500 EUR; it is required to attach a report of incoporation’s auditor to the articles of association.

Compared with German law it is basically not required to notarially certify the articles of association (exception: contribution of real estate). The incorporation has to be published in a public advertiser. The application for the trade register (registre du commerce et des sociétés, short RCS) takes place within two weeks after starting business activities.