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Renewal of Design in Swaziland

 Renewal of Design in Swaziland
Here you can mandate us with the renewal of your registered industrial design for Swaziland up to a total term of 25 years of protection. Please keep a copy of your registration ready. You will need the registry number .
EUR 480.00  inclusive patent office fees *
Protection Period (years) 5
max period of protection maximum (years) 25
Power of Attorney must be legalised/apostilled/notarized Yes
Patent- and Trademarkoffice Price includes trademark office fees Yes
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EUR 480.00  inclusive patent office fees *
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Details Renewal of Design in Swaziland

Here you can mandate us to file a renewal application for your registered design in Swaziland for the next protection period. We will file the request for renewal. We will pay the renewal fees, monitor the duration of protection and keep you informed about the upcoming renewal deadlines.

Maximum term of design protection in Swaziland is 25 years, provided all renewals have been done before.

Design registration in Swaziland start with a 5 year term, beginning on the date of filing the application. Before the expiry of 5 years from that date, a formal maintenance request must filed and the renewal fee must be paid or protection will end. Once the 25-year term is over, anyone is free to produce, import, rent or sell the design in Swaziland.

The request for renewal must be submitted within the last year of current protection period and a renewal fee shall be paid within this period too.

In case the general renewal payment failed a renewal may still be possible, if not longer than 6 months from the expiry date the renewal is done. But in that case you will have to pay a fine for late renewal in addition to the general renewal fee. Your industrial design will lapse if you fail to pay the late renewal fee within the grace period of six months from the date of expiry of registration.

Our offer relates to single design and includes the general renewal fees for one design but not the additional fee for late payment in case of failing the general renewal time limit.

Accepting the contract is subject to the circumstance that you will hire us early enough so that the request and the payment of the official fees can be arranged in time.

The indicated price is valid only for the renewal of a UK registry which is automatically extended to the Swaziland. The extension of a non UK registered designregistration may cause other costs.