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Patent application Germany

 Patent application Germany

Patent application Germany

Here you can request a patent application in Germany. We will work out the patent description and the patent claims for you, submit the patent application to the DPMA.
EUR 4,500.00  incl. application fee of patent office
Process Duration (est. in months) 36
legal advice by phone or email Yes
Number of included patent claims 10
Patent- and Trademarkoffice DPMA
miscellaneous No
Cost per additional patent claim EUR 150.00
Official Fees N/A
Protection Period (years) 20

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EUR 4,500.00  incl. application fee of patent office
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Details Patent application Germany


After submitting the order we look at the documents and we will contact you first by telephone to explain the details. Frequently, we need further information which you can then send to us by e-mail. Based on this, we prepare a patent document, including the patent claims, which we submit to you for review and approval.

We then submit the patent application to the Patent Office. The patent office now examines the patent application. We carry out simple correspondence without further costs with the patent office.

The patent is granted after about three years. We will send you the certificate and inform you in good time of current deadlines, in particular the payment of maintenance fees.

What is a patent?

The patent serves to protect technical inventions. The holder of a patent has a limited monopoly of use for the patented invention for the maximum duration of 20 years. Inventions in this sense may refer to both products and processes. The prerequisite, however, is always that a "technical problem is solved with technical means". If your idea does not have this "technic", you may reach the coveted protection by registering a registered trademark or a registered design. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Protection of objects, such as machines and their parts, arrangements of individual parts, electronic circuits, chemical substances or medicinal products, can be claimed with a product dispenser.

There are also procedural patents . These protect, for example, procedures for the production of a product, working methods, or the use of a product for a specific purpose. No third party may use the protected procedure in Germany. Without the consent of the patent owner or the patent owner, third parties are prohibited from making, offering, placing on the market or introducing or owning the patented product in Germany.

Cost of patent application

The costs of a patent application are made up of the fees of the patent office and the fees of the lawyer. Our package deals include the fees of the patent office as well as the legal fees. If, during the preparation of the patent, it appears that a submission is not expedient, we only charge the expenditure after time.