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Incorporation of a S.L. in Spain

 Incorporation of a S.L. in Spain
The spanish S.L. (short for Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada) is similar to a German GmbH. But there are important differences, like the size of the share capitel, the inpayment of the sharecapital etc.

Here you will learn more about a spanish S.L. and you can mandate us to incorporate for you a S.L. in Spain.

EUR 1,200.00
Company type corporation
Limited liability yes
Minimum share capital 3006
Registration yes
Executive bodies Managing Director
Costs of notarization and registration ca. 600

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EUR 1,200.00
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Details Incorporation of a S.L. in Spain

Task description

The Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (short S.L.) is the most common kind of corporation in Spain. It combines the reasonable limited liability with assessable administrative costs as well an assessable social structure. Even as an affiliate the S.L. is widely spread due to the bound by instructions of the managing directors.

Incorporation proceedings

Because of the order form we almost receive all necessary information we will need for the incorporation.

At first we will check your intended name for the company with the central commercial register in Madrid. If you also ordered we will check for similar/ colliding firms, trademarks and (partial) identical domains.

Then we will draft the documents for the incorporation (so called "Estatutos Sociales" as well as the "Escritura de Constitución de Sociedad Limitada"). If requested we will also draft a power of attorney if anyone shall represent a shareholder in the notarization appointment.

If one of the shareholder is a foreign company it is required to provide the notary and the commercial register with certified documents regarding the foreign company (basically they want a proofs that the company exists and who is allowed to represent it.

The actual incorporation takes place while signing and certifying the documents for the incorporation. From this moment on the corporation exists. But until the registration in the commercial register it exists just as a S.L. in foundation („S.L en Constitución“). In the meanwhile it is required to open a bank account and to pay in the minimum share capital amount to 3.005 EUR.

As soon as you receive notary formation deed you can ask for a tentative CIF for the company. The CIF is necessary to receive the request from the Spanish financial department for paying the tax for the incorporation. Only after paying this tax the formation deed will be send to the commercial register.