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Copyright Registration Mexico

 Copyright Registration Mexico

Copyright Registration Mexico

We will elaborate your copyright registration in Mexico and file it with the competent Mexican authorities.

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EUR 795.00
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Details Copyright Registration Mexico

Copyright registration in Mexico has to be made with the Instituto Nacional del Derecho de Autor

What can be registered?

Copyright registration in Mexico is possible for all original literary and artistic works, in the following fields:

  • literature
  • music, with or without lyrics
  • drama
  • dance
  • painting or drawing
  • sculpture or plastic works
  • cartoons or comic books
  • architecture
  • cinematography and other audiovisual works
  • radio and television programs
  • computer programs
  • photography
  • applied art work, including graphic or textile design
  • compendiums, made up of collections of works, such as encyclopedias, anthologies, and works or other elements such as databases, provided that these collections constitute works themselves
  • derivative works, compilations and collective works may also be registered

Foreign authors

Works of foreign authors can be registered if they meet the requirements of Mexican Copyright Law.


Duration of the proceedings: 15 working days


EUR 795.00
additional costs may occur if documents have to be translated

Required documents and information:

additional information: